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“Call Me Commander: A Former Intelligence Officer and the Journalists Who Exposed his Scheme To Fleece America” unravels the mysterious life and crimes of John Donald Cody, a lawyer and former intelligence officer who used a fraudulent veterans charity to swindle tens of millions from unsuspecting Americans. Written with Jeff Testerman.

“The authors offer a highly detailed account of Cody’s schemes and the ensuing investigation; those fascinated by accounts of white-collar true crime will find their narrative both thorough and thrilling. VERDICT: An exhilarating yet intricate tale of mind-boggling fraud. Readers will be rapt.”
—Library Journal

“If you want to know how white collar criminals get away with heinous crimes in broad daylight, read Call Me Commander, the shocking tale of a massive fraud that wasn’t discovered until some savvy journalists looked into the matter.”
—Renato Mariotti, former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst

“Despite its complex story and large cast of characters, the book is clearly written and crisply paced, with a structure that keeps it suspenseful all the way."
—Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times book editor

“If you’ve ever wondered how gumshoe-style investigative reporting works, there’s a new primer out. Call Me Commander is a gripping, real-life read.”
—Dan Casey, Roanoke Times columnist

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